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I saw a film today,oh boy...

Κυριακή, 17 Αυγούστου 2008

Κυριακή Πρωί

x Killing the Dream : Fractures { 2008 } x

x Converge : Jane Doe x { 2001 } x

x Beecher : This Elegy , his autopsy { 2005 } x

Εχθές είδα μια ελληνική ταινία την : x Ιστορία 52 x

...μια ιστορία που την ξέχασα ήδη.
xx TOMMY xx

**I just needed a lover and I needed a friend
And there you wereRunning from forever like all the rest
Three simple words bled me dry
Three simple word bled us dry, bled us dry
I love you..** Converge Jane Doe

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